Shared Parenting leave

What does 2,000 danish fathers state about paternity leave? what's the best thing about the paternity leave? and what are the key challenges? if you need spots with your own logo or presentations about paternity leave just contact us.  


The World Parents Organization arrange the New Nordic 2020 Event on March 24-26th 2020 with March 24th held in the Danish Parliamenton 

Here, Danish and international experts will talk about paternity leave and shared parenting with presentation of the latest knowledge about shared parenting.
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New Nordic 2020 is a tribute to Nordic Fathers, who are among the most loving, caring and best fathers in the world. Children's health in life and the joy of families depend to a great extent on good fathers and mothers working together on things.

The World Parents Organization collaborate with Nordic Fathers on Gender Equality and fathers that have experienced paternity leave.