Parental Leave
In the Nordic countries up to 30% of the parental leave is today taken by fathers and in some cases 9-12 month. The children and both parents enjoy it

Shared Parenting
We are living in a shared parenting world with single parenting law.  All children has the right to know and be cared for by the parents.

Work-life balance
The open society and gender equality is changing our work-life balance, but we have to understand and learn how to live with the new freedom. 

Public Information
In most countries free digitalized public information about children is still sent to one parent, causing many difficulties for shared parents.

Family Law
We are living in a shared parenting world with single parenting law for historical reasons and not today in the best interest of the child.

Human Rights
Are women and men being discriminated. Yes, they both are. Women in work life and men in family life. The challenge in gender equality is gender equality

Family Research
New research and family reality documents that shared parenting and father involvedment is in the best interest of children in society.

Public Funding
The major difference in financing of gender activities for women versus men has created an inbalance in statistics and family law. 

Parental Alienation 
In many countries today family violences between men and women are often equal, also towards the children.