American parents want shared parenting

'We are living with single parenting laws in a shared parenting world'

Shared parenting is best for the children shows the family reality and children research. It shall therefore according to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child article 2 and 3, as well the UN human rights convention, form the basis of family law in respect of family life and protection of all citizens against discrimination,

Dr. Ned Holstein from the National Parents Organization in the United States has in a television program explained how special interests block reforms to gives fathers and children equal rights in the United States.

The organization has polled shared parenting in a number of states using professional survey methods, and has found that the general public overwhelmingly supports the approach.

The results are typically 70-80 percent approval,” Dr. Holstein said. “Politically, that should be a landslide but in fact there are special interests that are standing in the way of that.

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Another important perspective on the fathers and shared parenting issue in the United States, although much more important and serious, is the relation to school shootings. Everyone talks about guns and security, but there is one thing all the school shotters has in common.

- the lack of good father relations. We need as many father role models as we can get in society and to protect the shared parenting and father role models that take great responsibility against discrimination in family law, culture and practices.