BREAKING: Equal parenting time

New ground breaking research has been presented at the shared parenting and gender equality 2021 conference co-sponsored by the World Parents Organization.

Link to full research:

Equal parenting time (50/50) is in the best interest of the child and prevent family conflicts and family violence related to children. This is now clearly documented with research made by William Fabricius, ASU and his research team.

The reason for this is that 50/50 parenting time gives the best combination of higher emotional security with both parents and lower emotional insecurity about parent conflicts and intimate partner violence.

Shared parenting researchers and parents has know this for years, but the evidence is now available to be used for new law reforms on shared parenting and gender equality. Equal parenting time has already been introduced by law in several countries and US States.

The research is expected in 2022 to be presented to the human rights court in Strasbourg in several human rights court cases on shared parenting.

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