Equal parenting time in the US

It is a pleasure to announce that two more states in the US have introduced equal parenting time for children with both parents after divorce. This time it is Florida and Missouri that focus on children's needs and love towards they father and mother in modern family life.

Together with states such as Arizona, Kentucky, West Virginia and others. The US is seriously giving Denmark and the Nordic countries a backseat in family legislation. While we in Denmark and the Nordics are faced with family law chaos, greater citizen satisfaction and fewer cases can be measured at the same time that judges and professionals state that it is the best legislation they have experienced.

The legislation reads: 

"There shall be a rebuttable presumption that an award of equal or approximately equal parenting time to each parent is in the best interests of the child" and it follows "The presumption may be rebutted if the court finds that the parents have reached an agreement on all issues related to custody, or if the court finds that a pattern of domestic violence has occurred."

Legislation that prevents children and family cases, creates less pressure on the family law system, which means more time and resources to deal with the real cases.

Goverments and politicians throug out thw world are encouraged to urgently process legislation on equal parenting time for children with both parents as the basic assumption by law. This unless the parents jointly wish otherwise or there is a pattern and factual documentation for other decisions. This is to create success in the family law system as well as trust and respect in the population.

It is about good management of people based on prevention, equality and quality. It is about respect for people and family life in order to create the highest level of healthy and happy children and families.

Modern family law is coordinated between leading child researchers, lawyers and professionals around the world. It is only a matter of time before such modern legislation is introduced everywhere.

The question is how long we can and will wait!