Follow the money

Have you ever wondered how the women lobby is financed and why positive shared parenting reforms in the best interest of the child like the Council of Europe resolution 2079, takes long time to implement.

Well we have for a number of years followed the money within gender equality and state funding in Denmark as case nation, and even we are surprised.  

Initially we easily found 10 examples of state funding in secret funds, not inline with the law. We asked the official state accountants to examine this. They found approx. 1 billion USD per year in secret gender equality, social and cultural state funds, mainly within three national ministries, and mainly for the women lobby. It was declared illegal.

We then submitted the information to the police special financial fraud unit. That investigation resulted later in finding a leading chief at the national board of social services under the Danish social and children ministry that for more than 20 years had stolen approx. 15 mio. USD to herself due to lack of control. No one else has been made responsible at this stage. She tried to escape to South Africa, but is now in jail as the first.

It was all over the National news: State funding scandale and sorry most of it is in Danish, but please try to Google translate the links below  and you are in for a surprise. 

The women 'violence' lobby 

We have recently in 2021 found 5 new examples including evidence that national women crisis centers systematically receive state funding based on declarations stating that fathers are violent. This although they have never meet or spoken to the fathers. Lawyers believe this is fraud.

In some cases it is correct that the women has experienced violence, but in many cases it is not. However women perpetrators of violence is protected and promoted also as victims– and it all are added to the violence statistics for women and to the state budget for funding.

The initial three cases has in 2021 been provided to the police and we will expect that upto 50% of the declarations could be incorrect violence statements, but don’t know the real number yet. There is a clear pattern however between the violence statistics, the term 'gender based violence' being promoted by the women lobby and incorrect state funding.

In another example the women lobby has even received million funding for the support and protection of violence against men. They stated jointly with the social ministry and the national board of social service that they were best for the assignment having the experience from many years of working with violence with women.

However two years later approx. 100-200 male violence victims has contacted them, weil the Danish Fathers Association for example is stated to have between 20.000 and 50.000 male violence victims receiving zero state funding.

Misinformation of UN Cedaw

What we also found in a recent UN Report doing the UN CEDAW Examination 2021 was that the women 'violence' lobby providing the UN with incorrect information. This not only based on the above violence statistics, but also stating that the number of children that experience family violence was documentation of the discrimination against women.

An issues we found was so wrong for the nordic countries that we contacted the UN secretry directly, so that it could be corrected in the UN Cedaw committee. In Denmark as example the official national children organization has found that more women today is violent towards children than men in family life.

It was stated in the submitted UN women report “In Denmark there are estimated annually 38.000 (1,6 %) women, who are victims of domestic violence and 28.000 (3 %) children witnessing violence in the family. Thus, domestic violence is still a major issue in terms of women’s equal rights.”. This was clearly misinformation of UN Cedaw and could bring wrong conclusions.

The Danish National Children Council has documented that women are more violent towards children related to minor violence and psychological violence today. Men and women are equal violent towards children related to hard violence as illustrated below. It is well known data from randomly selected children in Danish schools.

In Denmark today potentially more women are being violent towards men than the other way around, but the data is due to discrimination of men, not gathered or understood. It is difficult to say, but it is however not women that are being discriminated mainly in Denmark and the Nordic countries today, but probably mainly children and fathers in family law and life. 

By following the money we believe we have found important reasons. The same examination conducted in Denmark can probably be made in many nordic and european countries today. The transparency international investigations and reports on fraud, nepotisme and unethical conduct does not include state social and gender equality funds.

In 1999 we were involved when the European Commission decided to leave there office due to fraud and neptotisme within the European Union. 




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