Gender Equality

The 'World's First' Gender Equality Catalog for Shared Parenting
By Jesper Lohse, MBA & Nordic Father

We are all living in a society with global change and new technological development that affects the work-life balance in society. We no longer can state who is the best student, employee, manager, leader, prime minister or parent, just by looking at gender.

Gender Equality in work, education and family life is a new reality, but we have to understand it and learn how to live with it in our society.

In education, most developed countries have progressed positively offering equal opportunities for boys and girls. In the workplace, we are seeing more and more female leaders in business and politics. That is also positive.

However, in family life we are today living in a shared parenting world with single parenting law for historical and cultural reason. This is no longer in the best interest of the child, families, organizations or society.

We here present the "World's first" gender equality catalog for children and fathers for shared parenting, work-life balance and gender equality for all. 

Table of Contents 

1 – Biological Parents (items 1-25)
2 – Public Information (items 26-45)
3 – Paternity Leave (items 46-66)
4 – Living Residence for Children (items 67-96)
5 – Children Finance (items 98-119)
6 – International Parents (items 120-140)
7 – Public Children Cases (items 141-235)
8 – Family violence against Children and Fathers (items 236-287)
9 – Fathers’ Responsibility (items 288-299)
10 – Lawyers’ Ethics and Methods (items 300-316)
11 – Financing, Statistics and Research (item 317-333)
12 – How can it happen in our society? (item 334-348)
Basic principles for a Shared Parenting family law.