Gender Equality for Everyone

Program for the International Mens Day Conference 19th november 2019 in Oslo, Norway. The conference is open and free. Arranged by Mannsforum in Norway.

0900   Register and coffee

1000   Welcome to Oslo! The Green Capital of Europe, Mannsforum
             v/Arne Børke, Leader MannsForum      

1010   Welcome to Gender Equality Champion Norway

1020   The Boy Crisis and Gender Challenges in USA and the Western World
            v/Warren Farrell, Family Therapist, Author and Political Scientist, USA

1130   Boys and Mens Gender Equality challenges and strategies in Canada
            v/ Karen Straughan, Canadian Association For Equality, Writer/Producer

1210   The World’s First Gender Equality Catalog for Children and Fathers
            v/ Jesper Lohse, MBA, World Parents Organization

1230   Lunch, Exhibition, mingling

1300   Are the Myths about Boys, Men and Fathers privileges true? Results from a Norwegian Survey. 
            v/Dag Furuholmen, Psychiatrist and Author of: «Man, Myths, Lies and Truth»

1330   Do the political Parties need Spokespersons for Mens issues, just like they already have for Women? (politicians)

1350   Panel: How to reduce Gender Conflict and create a positive Climate for Gender Equality
            and Equity for Boys, Men and Fathers in our Societies? (all speakers)

1500   Coffebreak

1520   Ceremony of MannsForums Man- and Woman Awards in 2019

1535   Is Europe moving from Feminism to Equalism; Gender Peace and Harmony?
            v/ Asle Toje, political scientist and member of the Norwegian Nobel Committee

1600   Closing of official conference

For more information and free registration contact: Petter Amundsen, Mannsforum in Norway at