Gender Equality for Everyone

A formal letter has been sent to the Minister for Gender Equality and the Prime Minister of Denmark regarding gender equality and human rights for children and fathers.

The letter has been prepared in collaboration with a team of human rights lawyers and apply for any national goverment today. Please read and support the petition.

With the letter, we want to express the regret over this disappointing development. Where elsewhere in society there are widespread efforts to promote equality, the rights of fathers have gone the opposite way. The responsible ministers and authorities, as well as the legislature, should rectify this without delay .

We are willing to provide advice and guidance, as we have a great deal of experience and insight in the field, both in general and concretely, and on that basis assume that this letter leads to a very early commencement of mutual meetings and discussions.  

Should our expectations in this regard not be true, we see no other option than to go to court with action also against the relevant and competent authorities. In our opinion, the Supreme Court judgment of 8 September 2020 in the case BS-20880/20-HJR shows a clear responsiveness and understanding that the balance in due regard between child, mother and father must be maintained without habitual prejudice.

There must not be discrimination in general or gender discrimination in particular, against any citizens in family law, such as the case is today.

The letter apply for any national government today!

Read the full letter and sign the petition