New Danish Family Reform

A Danish Shared Parenting Family Reform has been decided in Parliament with all votes in favor. 

This means that Denmark, as one of the first countries in the World from April 1st 2019, will offer shared parents to have double living / residentual address for children and shared welfare benefits.  Shared custody and shared parenting time 50%/50% being already today the norm in the daily life in Denmark. 

The State administration will be closed as a clear signal of a new shared parenting culture and a new family court will be established handling all family cases in a green, yellow and red groups based on the shared parenting capabilities.

All parents will participate in online courses and receive infomation about the best interest of children and positive parental collaboration. All public workers are send on further education and all children in yellow and red group will have an appointed children counsellor.

The reform is not perfect, but is a major step for shared parents in Denmark. It probably would never have happent without our voluntary work since 2012 with:
  • Weekly press releases for all parliament members and media
  • Gathering and communication of shared parenting research
  • Harvard case analysis of the Danish Family System 
  • Process analysis of public children cases 
  • The first Gender Equality Catalog for Children and Fathers
  • Documentation of Human Rights Violations
  • Report ot the UN
The challenge will now be about full gender equality in family law in 2019-2020 based on shared parenting and work-life benefits for children, families and society. The future international family law should be based on shared parenting behavour - and not gender.

For more information: 
  1. Presentation at the Council of Europe
  2. Council of Europe Resolution 2079
  3. The Goverment of Denmark (DK version for Google translate) 
  4. Ministry for Children and Social Affairs (DK version for Google translate)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Jesper Lohse, MBA and Nordic Father

Chairman of the Danish Fathers Association
Chairman of the Nordic Equality Council 
Board Member of ICSP