Nordic Equality

Nordic conference on gender equality and shared parenting

11.30 Cultural inspiration

11.40 Welcome to the conference.
Arne Børge, Chairman MannsForum

12.00 Will the newly appointed Norwegian government conduct a more child friendly family- and gender equality policy?
Norway’s new Minister for Culture and Gender Equality Affair Anette Trettebergstuen presents the new governments policy. (TBC)

12.20 Presentation of a New Nordic Fathers 2021 survey.
Jesper Lohse, Nordic Equality and Kenn Honore Jepsen, Danish Fathers Association

12.35 New international research finds shared parenting in the best interest of the child.
Professor William Fabricius, University of Arizona, USA

13.25 Refreshments/coffee

13.40 Presentation of the winners of the MannsForum Men and Woman Awards for remarkable contributions to equality and justice for men and fathers.

13.50 The European Council resolution 2079 on Gender Equality: The role of fathers.
Presentation by the Council of Europe

14.20 Has Gender Balance replaced Equal Opportunity as Gender Equality Goal?
Professor and Author Hans Bonde, University of Copenhagen

14.50 From Patriarchy to Matriarchy?
Amazing findings in MannForum’s alternative Gender Equality Barometer statistics

15.05 Panel Debate; How to ensure that children receive the wanted and needed time with, and care from, both parents after divorce?

  • Participants: Family and gender equality politicians from the four largest parties in Norway: The Labour, Conservative, Centrist and Socialist parties.

  • William Fabricius, University of Arizona, USA

  • Matts Hertsberg, Chair VBU, Sweden

  • Moderator: Arne Børge, Chair MannsForum.

  • Questions and comments from the floor, and debate.

15.55 Summary and Conclusions

16.30 Social program Film: “Kollision”

A no. 1 hit film with star actorS inspired by true father and children stories told by jesper Lohse, Nordic Equality