Public information for both parents

The Gender Equality Minister of Denmark has today announced that all parents shall receive public information about their children in October 2019.

The debate about Public information for both parents was started and has been argued by the founder of the World Parents Organization and chairman of the Nordic Equality Council for 7 years. It is one of the best way to illustrate the gender equality challenge in modern family life, because all children and fathers in every country have experienced lack of public information.

Same information for both parents about their children was included in the Council of Europe resolution 2079 on "Equality and shared parental responsibility: the role of fathers".

Everyone can agree that public information about children shall be provided to both parents as a general rule in modern family life with free email services. If we cannot even in our Society sent free digitalized information to both parents. How many other situations, do we honestly believe goes wrong for children and fathers in shared parenting.

We are happy about todays announcement in the best interest of the child and all families, experts, politicians and researchers working for shared parenting and work-life balance.