UN Report 2021

The World Parents Organization has submitted its UN Cedaw report 2021 on equal opportunities in the Nordic countries.

The World Parents Organization support equal opportunities for everyone and recommend UN Cedaw to use a new and modern strategy. A
strategy that can seriously have an impact on gender equality for all citizens.

The Nordic populations are more equal in everyday life than in most countries and regions in the world. A focus on equal opportunities for everyone in both work and family life will therefore have the greatest impact and create freedom, stability and increase public health as well as equal opportunities.

Many people today are today tired of women's organizations' one-sided focus on women only. The population hereby loses respect for gender equality, which is an important cause.

We are in a situation in the Nordic countries where the most extensive and serious discrimination today is towards children and fathers. Here, society has totally failed on human rights and gender equality.

Where power and influence in working life is often about men. Power and influence related to children and gender equality are often about women. Here we find the same situation related to power and gatekeeping as when we look at men's power, culture and strategic focus.

UN Recommendation

The World Parents Organization supports equal opportunities for women.

The UN Cedaw is recommended a new and more professional, equal and objective approach to gender equality, which most of the population in the Nordic countries find important in both working life and family life.

What will have the greatest impact on society as well as equal opportunities for women today is to ensure equal opportunities for children and fathers in family law. It will create a positive effect, respect and the right balance in society.

The World Parents Organization has created 3 principle rules and 10 recommendation for New Nordic and International family law for success.