Shared Parenting

What are the most important challenges for Shared Parenting in 2020?

2.000 Nordic fathers have answered the question. The fathers state that shared public information with free digital e-mail about children for both parents is the most important issue in daily life.

It is something that all fathers and families experience and the whole family finds as a practical issue that need to be solved. This is were we find one of the largest potentials for cost savings due to  manual procedures and human mistakes.

The issue with current family law not recognising shared parenting time and double residence for parents living apart is sever and comes in second place.

In addition, areas such as public administration, children financing and father's leave continue to be mentioned as challenges that need to be improved in 2020.

Hear about the entire study at the New Nordic 2020 conference, which will be held on March 24-26 with international online briefings.