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How to Create Reforms: The Palais de l'Europe
Jesper Lohse, MBA
Presentation at the Palais de l'Europe of a Harvard Case Analysis of the family system, 10 basic rules for new family law and how to create reforms.


1. Harvard Case Analysis
2. Follow the Child
3. Gender Equality Catalog 
4. The Simpel Formula
5. Shared Parenting Research
6. UN Human Rights
7. Principles in a Shared Parenting law
8. The Danish Reform 2019
9. Council of Europe Resolution
10. Conclusion

The World's First Gender Equality Catalog for Children and Fathers

Introduction to the World's first gender equality catalog for children and fathers and shared parenting with 348 items in 12 themes in the first edition.


1. Biological Parents (items 1-25)
2. Public Information (items 26-45)
3. Paternity Leave (items 46-66)
4. Living Residence for Children (items 67-96)
5. Children Finance (items 98-119)
6. International Parents (items 120-140)
7. Public Children Cases (items 141-235)
8. Family violence against Children and Fathers (items 236-287)
9. Fathers’ Responsibility (items 288-299)
10. Lawyers’ Ethics and Methods (items 300-316)
11. Financing, Statistics and Research (item 317-333)
12. How can it happen in our society? (item 334-348)
Basic principles for a Shared Parenting family law.

10 rules for a New International Family Law
Presentation of 3 principles and 10 basic rules for a new International Family Law.  


1. Introduction
2. Harvard Case Analysis
3. Follow the Child
. Follow the Money
5. Make a List
6. UN Examination Report
7. The Simple Formula
8. New Family Law
9. The 10 new rules for Family Law

Council of Europe - Resolution 2079
Presentation of the Council of Europe resolution 2079 on Equality and shared parental responsibility: the role of fathers.


1. Introduction
2. Equal rights for parents and same information
3. Removal of difference based on marital status
4. Shared residence in family law
5. Respect the right of children to be heard
6. Social benefits for both parents;
7. Necessary steps for access rights
8. Encourage mediation
9. Interdisciplinary training of professionals
10. Parenting plans for parents to determine their children’s lives
11. Paid parental leave available to fathers

Family Reforms for Gender Equality
Presentation of a strategic analysis of the Danish family system and law reforms started on April 1st 2019. The presentation includes the stages of creating gender equality and quality improvements in family systems and law. 


1.   The three reform stages from 2015 - 2021
2.   The five key elements in 2019
3.   Double Residence and Shared Public Children Benefits 
4.   Online learning for all about Shared Parenting
5.   Screening of green, yellow and red family situations
6.   The new Family Court House and Family Court
7.   The children unit, mediation and improved quality
8.   Future Gender Equality in Family Life Reforms

UN Examination Report 
In 2015 the first Examination Report on Human Rights and gender equality for children and fathers was sent to the United Nations. Become a FREE member and read the report in the World Parents App 2020.