Parental Survey
Gender Equality in Shared Parenting

2.000 fathers has been asked in Denmark about gender equality in year 2020. They have been asked which forms of discrimination is most widespread related to children and fathers. As well as which consequences it has for the children, fathers, families, and society. 

Have you experienced discrimination as father?

The main conclusions are:

  • More than 80% have shared custody and most fathers live together with the mother or with shared parenting time 50/50 or 60/40
  • More than 70% of the fathers report that they often or sometimes experience discrimination, and 90% of these report that it is gender discrimination
  • Residential and non-residential parents, public information, public children cases and children financing are, in this order, perceived to be the most sever discrimination
  • It is reported that parents, municipalities, and the Family Court Houses are contributing to the gender discrimination
  • Almost 80% of the fathers report that they have been victims of psychological violence and more than 50% of the fathers report that they have experience psychological violence asking into the precise definition in the criminal law. This is a significant and appalling number.
  • More than 30% report that they have been victims of economical violence and approx. 29% of physical violence. If the fathers file a complaint, they risk losing all or part of the contact with their children and harm the children even more, which is why these cases are often left unreported.
  • Most of the fathers have reported that their relationship with their children, their children’s health, mental state has been affected, significantly or catastrophically affected.
  • Most of the fathers have reported that their trust to the authorities has been catastrophically affected.
  • There is a clear pattern of unlawful gender discrimination and psychological violence against children and fathers at the end of cohabitation, regardless of the form of parenting time.
  • Most of the fathers have complained, but nothing is happening.
  • Fathers clearly understand this it happens when it is too late. They simply do not believe that gender discrimination is happening against children and fathers - or are being allowed to happen by authorities in Denmark. However, that is very much the case.

Have you experienced discrimination in these areas?

There is no doubt that the results of the experiemental survey must be taken very seriously. These are very clear patterns that are experienced in society.

There is systematic, unlawful gender discrimination and psychological violence against children and fathers. The consequence for children is mental health problems later in life and it has a major impact on public health and social costs in society.

The causes of the gender discrimination seems to be related to two primary issues: 

  1. There is a historical family law and practice, where children and parents are living in a shared parenting world with single parenting law.
  2. There is national and international unilateral, and gender biased governmental funding of women's organizations and networks.

    In Denmark alone an explanation is still missing of approx. 3 billion DKK in annual governmental funding for many years, after criminal conduct has been documented.

The state funding gives gender based more staff, more time to support and collect statistics as well as public campaigns. There is more time for meetings with politicians and ministries, more time for public hearings and this creates gender-based legislation and yet again more funds.

Is gender equality for everyone?

It is a human right for children to know and be cared for by one's parents. It is a human right for everyone to experience respect of family life. It is a human right to be protected against discrimination and it is a human right to experience judicial proceedings of civil rights within reasonable time.

The respect of family life is the respect of children, mothers and fathers as a hole. It is about respect for everyone and equal rights. The foundation of a healthy society.

Discrimination of children and fathers based on family forms

Yours Sincerely,
Jesper Lohse, MBA / Chairman

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