Shared Parenting Reforms
Are we living in a shared parenting world with single parenting law.  

Shared Parenting Surveys
Shared parenting are in the best interest of the child in modern family life. 

Shared Parenting Reports
The World Parents Organization has submitted a UN Report on Gender Equality for Everyone. 

Shared Parenting Events
Nordic conferences on shared parenting and Gender Equality for Everyone

Shared Parental Leave
The Nordic countries has made new law reforms on 50/50 legal rights for parental leave in todays society. 

Shared Parenting Research
New research documents that shared parenting is in the best interest of the child.

Shared Parenting Information
In most countries public information for both parents are stille behind. 

Shared Parenting Discrimination
Gender discrimination involving children and parental alienation is psychological violence.  

Shared Parenting Funding
There is a major difference in state funding for mothers and fathers. Why?