Women and men, boys and girls must have equal opportunities. Family law is based on a parent for historical and cultural reasons.

Shared Parental Leave
In the Nordic countries 30% of the parental leave is today taken by fathers and in some cases 9-12 month. 

Gender Equality for Everyone
The Council of Europe has made the resolution 2079 on shared parenting with recommendations to national law.

Shared Parenting
Shared parenting and positive collaboration between parents are in the best interest of the child in modern family life. 

Shared Parenting Law
We are living in a shared parenting world with single parenting law.  All children has the right to know and be cared for by the parents.

Shared Parenting Research
New research and family reality documents that shared parenting and equal parenting time is in the best interest of children.

Shared Public Information
In most countries free digitalized public information about children is still sent to only one parent. 

Gender Discrimination
Gender discrimination involving children and parental alienation is psychological violence  

State Funding
There is a major difference in state funding between mother and father organizations, which impacts on support, legislation and statistics